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Chunky Chocolate

Chunky chocolate is our ultimate version of the chocolate chip cookie except this is with chocolate chunks! Using 72% dark chocolate from locally grown beans in Sungai Ruan (by Benns Ethicoa), the dark chocolate balances so well with the sweetness of the cookie. Not too sweet, not too dark, just right!

Cookie Gift Box

Nothing comforts the tummy like a box of home baked cookies. We have selected our top 3 flavours to make up this yummy box of goodies for any cookie lover! Contains:
  • chunky chocolate is our ultimate chocolate chip cookie! made with dark chocolate chunks, it's the ultimate indulgence. Jar 230g
  • danish butter cookie is pretty addictive. simple and classic in flavour and delectable to the last crumb! bag 100g
  • crunchy cornflakes is the ultimate nostalgia cookie. crunchy cornflakes and chocolate chips make it so that one is just never enough!

Danish Butter

These bring back memories when having butter cookies was a rare treat. Hand piped butter cookies that are light in flavour and texture. So good with a cuppa!

June Dessert Combo

It's June already! And we thought why not celebrate with home made desserts! Our tiramisu is made with mascarpone, cream & of course, coffee! Our home baked apple crumble is baked with fresh apples & an oat crumble. Not too sweet, just yummy. Each combo box contains :
  • 2 tiramisu (alcohol free, eggless filling)
  • 2 apple crumble with oat topping
Containers are microwave safe so you can reheat Apple crumble.

Oat & Raisin

This must be the "healthiest" cookie we have! It has the texture from oats, sweetness from raisins with a hint of cinnamon. It's the ultimate snack in a single cookie