If you’re planning a dessert table or just need something other than the regular cake for your function, we have cupcakes, cake pops, cookies & just about every sweet treat for you that can be customised for your event.

Send us your inspirations and we can customise a dessert to suit. From corporate cupcakes to funky cake pops for your girlfriend, our sweet treats are sure to delight!

  • Cupcakes (edible print) from RM10.60; minimum 16pc
  • Cupcakes (fondant) from RM12.70; minimum 16pc
  • Cake pops (round with deco) from RM5; minimum 12pc
  • Cake pops (round with fondant element) from RM8; minimum 12pc
  • 2” round Sugar cookies: edible print from RM6.50/ fondant from RM8; minimum 20pc
  • Marshmallow pops from RM4; minimum 16pc
  • Oreo pops from RM5.50; minimum 16pc
  • Dessert cups (oreo, tiramisu, strawberry) RM9 each; minimum 20pc per flavor
  • Magnum cake pops RM8-RM16 each; minimum 12pc per flavour

* GST not yet included

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